Dentist using Facebook ads for his potential clients

Why Your Dental Practice Might Benefit from Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising, with its exceptional ability to target extremely specific user demographics, is among the most cost-effective methods to put your dental practice’s ads in front of prospective clients. Think about this, the most popular and frequently used social network in the entire world utilises user locations and interests for displaying your ads to relevant users.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should consider Facebook advertising.

Your Prospective Clients Are on Facebook

Perhaps the existing clients are on Facebook and has more than a billion active users daily, and some of those users could be your potential clients. Think of how much time you spend reading your newsfeed and how many times you felt compelled to click on an ad?

Immensely Advanced Targeting Features

Among the most beneficial features, Facebook offers their unique targeting features that work. Again, think of those ads in your newsfeed. 99% of the time, you see ads that are relevant to you because Facebook has an uncanny ability to determine user intent based on their Facebook surfing habits, such photos, videos, pages, and ads you click on. Additionally, as an advertiser, you get to choose exactly which users to target based on factors such as interests, age, location, relationship status, and even life events among others.

You Get to Choose Which Type of Ads to Display

Mainly, you could choose among photos, videos, recommended band pages, and updates that would all be displayed in users’ newsfeeds. While having a significant following of Facebook helps, Facebook ads would help you reach other clients who haven’t had a chance to see your brand. You could also choose the boosted posts and/or lookalike audience features for increased exposure.

Cost-Per-Click is More Affordable

If you compare the cost-per-click or CPC of Facebook ads to Google Adwords (a service for targeted online advertising), it’s significantly lower and comes with more efficient retargeting. Facebook charge lower fees for click-throughs you get from your ads, and coupled with its more advanced retargeting options, a majority of those clicks could be clients that you’re trying to target.

Put simply, Facebook offers a broad range of advertising options you could choose from that could help solidify your dental practice’s brand online. Done right, Dominate Dental notes that Facebook promotional campaigns could effectively supplement social media campaigns for dental practices and assist in generating more “likes” to your page, which in turn generate new client leads and more traffic to your site.

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