Why the Older Adults Need to Live Independently

Retired seniors smilingSeniors take pride in showing their independence because it somehow provides them with a sense of achievement. However, as they age further, maintaining their independence becomes increasingly difficult. For one, age-related health concerns make it quite challenging for them to live on their own.

You can manage these challenges with professional home care. Facilities that promote independent living in Utah, such as legacyretire.com, can be relied on to keep the elderly comfortable and safe as they age.

Here are some reasons seniors need to be encouraged to maintain independence while aging:

Improves Mobility and Strength

By allowing them to do their day to day tasks with minimal assistance, residents can keep their body active and strong. These functions include eating, bathing, cooking, cleaning, yard work, laundry and other mundane chores.

If the elderly relies on help for everything, he may experience muscle strength deterioration, poor blood flow, breathing difficulties, and balance issues. Simply walking from one room to another, or going to a medical appointment and pharmacy can already help an elderly boost his mobility and strength.

Prevents Depression

Losing independence can lead to depression, which in turn, can result in serious consequences like a heart attack or stroke. If you encourage your senior family member to do simple things on his own, you are practically inspiring him to stay independent.

This can help improve the senior’s mood, despite the many age-related issues he is facing.

Preserves Memory

If the senior remains independent, his brain can be stimulated and kept active by making small decisions involving daily activities such as preparing healthy meals and doing fun activities.

Likewise, the seemingly simple task of deciding what to wear can help a lot in preserving a senior’s memory and prevent the development of dementia and other types of memory impairment.

It is important to allow your senior loved ones to stay independent and do the things they still can. Providing them with the type of care they need will help them handle the process of aging safely and comfortably.

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