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Why Online Retailers Should Focus More on Expanding Presence

Australians still bought more retail items in the second quarter of 2018 despite economic challenges, based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data.

Online shopping continued to be a major factor in the increase, as e-commerce represented 5.7% of overall sales. In the year-ago period, digital sales accounted for 4.1% of the total.

E-Commerce Activity

Online retailers should then look for services that build and expand their presence, including a search engine optimisation (SEO) company. In Melbourne or Sydney, you will find it easier to choose from many SEO service providers. If you think this is just an added expense, remember that your business rivals may already be launching their campaigns to broaden their market reach.

Aside from competition, consider most people’s inclination to shop amid stagnant salary growth, high gas, and home prices. Retail expenses rose the fastest in the Australian Capital Territory, followed by Victoria and New South Wales. It’s not surprising then that e-commerce is among the best ideas for a small business in 2018.

The Best Enterprises

Australians comprise the majority of online shoppers in the Asia-Pacific region, with around 80% of Internet users clicking items to their virtual carts in 2017. Many retailers remain unconvinced about the purposes of having an online presence.

This bodes well for existing online retailers, but that doesn’t mean it would remain the same in the coming months. If more businesses realise the profitability of e-commerce, they may eventually decide to launch a full-service online campaign. You can be one step ahead by looking for the right digital advertising agency.

Online retailers should make the most of Australians’ willingness to spend even in the face of economic adversity. Competition within this segment has become tougher, as it’s among the most popular small business ideas in the country.

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