Web Design in 2018: 3 Trends to Consider

Producing a rich web experience for your target audience means being open to new technologies and using them the best way possible. While this could make you feel at risk to some degree, all you truly need are the right tools and web development team.

Take cues from these web design trends that will be huge this coming 2018:

Flat Design with Bright Colors and Bold Fonts

Bold fonts help readers focus better on the content, while ample whitespace would make it easier for readers to skim and read through it. As readers usually spend several seconds or minutes just looking at web pages, you have to peak their interest with designs and colors that will pull them in.

This 2018, you might see these colors and fonts take the center stage instead of images, more specifically for mobile. Unlike images that tend to slow a page when loading, bigger fonts won’t impact page load performance. This means that huge typographic expressions are in and clickable images, hero images, and large buttons are out.

Do note that flat design does not mean that you need to make everything two-dimensional. Web development specialists in Denver noted that it’s more about usability and minimalism yet with greater impact and eliminating clutter so readers could focus on the most crucial elements of your site.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), this is an open-source code standard that allows faster load times on mobile. You probably know that traditional mobile sites could be somewhat clunky. Using AMP, however, could boost your mobile readers’ experience by reducing the usable code and using external resources to run media files and scripts to enable web pages to load more quickly.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Chatbots

Next year, you could expect these technologies to be more refined and incorporated into websites. Take Facebook, for instance. It’s these specific technologies that make it so smart and intuitive to users’ browsing habits. Imagine your site being capable of knowing what exactly your customers are searching for simply by evaluating their previous actions on your site. This way, you increase engagement and build better relationships with both current and potential customers.

Whether you’re retrofitting your current website or building a new one from scratch, consider incorporating these trends into your project. Admittedly, balancing functionality with aesthetics could be quite difficult, but you’ll see increased conversion rates and user engagement when they’re done right.


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