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Utah Continues to Draw Tech Companies

Utah continues to be an attractive state for tech companies, with Snapchat reportedly planning to open an office somewhere in Lehi. The office will employ 50 Utahns, most of whom are expected to be software engineers. Experts named several reasons for Snap’s choice of location for its new office.

Talent Accessibility

Utah is attractive for tech companies for a reason. They will be close to the Brigham Young University, which produced the students behind Scan, Inc., a firm recently acquired by Snap. They will also have a pool of IT professionals who have already passed the CertBlaster A+ practice test and gotten their certification. With local talents at their disposal, Snap can come up with even more innovative ideas to add to their augmented reality app.

Distance from Competitors

While there are some economic advantages to a company being close to its competitors, when you are developing a new idea, you want to be far from their prying eyes. Snap will enjoy its new office in Utah especially because of this. They also present plenty of opportunities for personal growth for their employees, and personal growth leads to professional growth. As camera technology improves, Snap needs to continue being one of the first to release new features that make the app more fun to use. Good things are to be expected from Snap if everything works out with their employees and new location.

Future Tax Credit

Snap could set up their office anywhere far enough from Facebook and other competitors, but the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) board made Utah the best choice by offering future tax credit to the company. They have seen what 50 new jobs will contribute to the market–approximately $335 million in 15 years–and they are more than willing to see it happen.

As Snap sets up shop in Utah, both its employees and the users of the app expect good things. Now we wait and see if the choice delivers.

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