Unique Rings Changes Rules of Engagement

Wonderful engagement ring setJewelers in almost every part of the U.S. see a growing demand for custom-made engagement rings, primarily due to millennial customers who want something unique.

In the past, most engagement rings required you to pick among 30 or so designs and the type of stone, which was usually a diamond. The situation has become very different with the advent of websites such as Pinterest and Instagram, where millennials get their ideas for customized bands.

Unique Factor

Cost serves as another reason why more people are looking for alternatives to diamond rings. Some variants such as moissanite have become one of the popular choices. This option is perfect for couples who want to have a ring that almost has the same qualities of a diamond without the hefty price tag.

The price for a diamond vs. moissanite ring are different partly because the latter can be made in a laboratory. Aside from the ring, couples can also save money on a wedding ring that usually makes up most of a planned budget.

Affordable Occasion

WeddingWire said that the ceremony and reception venues, food, music, and photography account for 60% of a wedding budget. As the average cost of saying “I do” amounted up to $28,000 in 2016, it makes sense to cut corners in some areas.

A wedding DJ would cost you around $1,000, which is much cheaper compared to $4,000 as payment for a live band. You can also save money by asking a friend or family member to take care of details. Otherwise, you can choose to hire a “day-off planner” to help in coordinating the event a few days leading to the big day.


The younger generation’s push to shy away from traditional diamonds bodes well for other less popular yet equally elegant stones, whether natural or produced in a laboratory.

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