Man ready to install the kitchen sink strainer

Types of Kitchen Sink Strainers

A kitchen sink strainer is an important part of kitchen plumbing as it can mean the difference between a clogged, smelly sink and one that drains well. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC knows this. It helps water flow through while keeping away solid items that could clog the pipes.

There are many available strainers on the market — all of which provide similar functions. However, not all of them are ideal for all kitchen sink types. A plumber should be able to advise you on the appropriate filter for your kitchen sink and install it for you. With that said, below are the various kinds available in the market today.

Back-nut strainer

This type joins the sink to the plumbing system. It is made in such a way that its body is the strainer and it is connected at the bottom of the sink. A rubber gasket secures it so water does not leak. The name, back-nut strainer, comes from the back nut, which is what holds the unit together.

Double cup strainer

As the name suggests, this strainer has another cup that you secure with a nut in the sink. One cup must sit in the sink, but the other one is removable. You can insert it when necessary — for example, when you want to fill and drain sink water.

Flange strainer

A flange is a rim used to strengthen the system. In plumbing, it keeps parts secure. This type of strainer is a flange secured at the bottom of the sink to prevent water from draining until you have removed all the large particles that would otherwise clog the system.

Ideally, when you buy a new sink, it should come with a strainer (although there are instances when you buy the strainer separately). In some cases, you might need a new strainer if the one you have has been ineffective.

Whichever the situation, a strainer is a must-have if you are going to keep your plumbing system working for as long as possible.

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