Top Reasons to Consider Laser Marking

In the production and manufacturing world, marking is an inevitable process in the life cycle of a product. Marking products helps monitor your stock and minimize production expenses. With the traceability of products, manufacturers can minimize counterfeiting, which occurs between suppliers and customers.

Laser marking on stainless steel is the most common method of fighting the problem for the following reasons:

It is Contactless

The marking process uses a contactless method, which means you can mark materials without getting into contact with them. This is useful when handling sensitive materials that risk suffering from damage due to stress. The other marking procedures use chemicals that are harmful to handle and may create marks on your product.

Works on Different Materials

This process works on a variety of materials used in multiple applications. You can achieve different surface finishes when you vary the power and speed of the laser machine. The process eliminates the topmost layer of any material to imprint important information that includes the batch or serial number.

It is Low-Cost

These machines are affordable and they could save you money on outsourcing marking tasks. The size of the equipment you need depends on the size of your premises and your workload.

It is Permanent

Once you place a marking on a product through laser marking, the mark will stay on the product for decades. You don’t need to use any special method or chemical for the mark to stay in place.

It is Fast

Marking using laser technology is fast, and that translates to quick turnaround times for your product marking operations.

Laser marking on stainless steel has proven to be a more reliable method than dot peening and electrochemical etching. The method delivers quality markings on products made of different materials.

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