Top 4 Must-Have Scissors for Hairstylists

Hair Scissors and CombsLike every artist, hairstylists require a range of tools for their craft. Painters use different brushes, sculptors use different chisels and hairstylists use different scissors. A good set of professional hairdressing scissors allows you to create a wider variety of styles to satisfy your clients’ desires as well as to keep up with the latest in hairstyle trends.

Precision and Detail

The first pair of scissors you probably bought were short-blade scissors. These scissors are the most basic and the easiest to use, but they are also versatile when it comes to delicate precision work. Because the blades are shorter, you have more control, especially when cutting around the ear or when applying finishing touches. You will be using this type of scissors most often, so choose a pair that fits your hand properly, or consider swivel scissors for greater comfort and ease.

Cleaner Lines and Uniformity

Long-bladed scissors have a longer cutting surface, allowing you to cut a large section of hair with a single cut. Fewer cuts mean straighter lines and more consistent cuts, overall. Long-bladed scissors are the best choice when point-cutting sections of hair.

Thinning and Blending

When up against thick and unmanageable hair, you go with hair-thinning scissors. Hair-thinning scissors allow you to thin and to blend hair, removing the appearance of bulk, without altering the overall look of the hairstyle.

Layering and Texturising

Texturising scissors may have an odd look, but when it comes to creating soft layers, they get the job done. These scissors are very specialised in use and, while you may seldom have the need for them, it’s always best to be proficient with this type of scissors.

Mastering the use of these four different kinds of scissors for varying techniques can be a daunting task, but with a bit of time and effort, no hairstyle will be beyond your grasp.

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