Things You Must Prepare for a Great Outdoor Wedding

Weddings are now held everywhere, from the traditional church to outdoor areas like beaches and parks. If you’re a bohemian chic who wants to get married outdoors, your preparations will be slightly different.

Circles of Subiaco shares some tips to help you prepare for that amazing day.

Look Your Best

As the bride, it’s expected for you to be the centre of attention. The genuine happiness you’re feeling inside should translate on how you look. Your chosen bridal hair must be a little out of the ordinary (boho), since you’re doing the wedding outside. Your wedding gown can have elements of nature, depending on your preference. Don’t forget to accessorize with a headpiece, earrings, and a long necklace.

Choose the Venue

The venue should be completely ready for your wedding day to be perfect. If it’s a park, you may have to secure permits and follow rules. Your guests should also be comfortable. Provide protection against the sun and some kind of outdoor cooling or heating units. Weatherproof the venue, and make sure you’re ready just in case rain shows up.

Plan for Wind

Sometimes, wind becomes too much that everything just goes flying around. Avoid using light fabrics like china silks and chiffons for your dress and your bridesmaid dresses, as well as for tables and chairs. Wind and other factors like roaring waves can also make it hard for people to hear what’s happening. Renting a high-quality sound system is advisable to prevent this problem.

Decorate for the Occasion

The natural beauty surrounding you and your guests is priceless, but a little decoration won’t hurt either. Visit the location beforehand and check if grass needs to be mowed or there are flowers about to bloom. Take advantage of nature and add more to its beauty by using lanterns, torches, or potted bulbs.

Romance is just around the corner when you’re surrounded by nature’s astounding sights. Make sure to plan your wedding carefully to avoid any hassle and make it an unforgettable day.

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