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The Right Location: Where to Place Your Pool

When it comes to building a swimming pool, most homeowners are heavily concerned on selecting the right shape or design. While it is true that design will dictate the overall look of the pool, you should not overlook its placement.

It is important to determine the exact location of the pool while considering certain factors like privacy and supervision of kids. If you are wondering about its placement, pool expert dolphin-pools.com states some considerations can help you decide.

Here are just some of them:

Small backyard space

If you have limited space, your pool can be placed near the house or even connected to it. Another good idea is to put it against other features like a fence to get the most out of available space.

If you, however, have a narrow and long backyard, a lap pool is worth considering. Just be sure to select decking and building materials that match the exterior of your home.

Bigger space available

The main benefit of a substantial backyard space is the flexibility in both the design and location of the pool. For instance, it is installed away from the house and be a unique relaxation zone or outdoor spot.

You can also pick almost any design you want to match the house’s exterior or the natural surroundings. You can even complement it with a large deck or outdoor space for entertaining guests.

Local building codes

The construction should adhere to zoning regulations and local building codes in your area. Note certain factors can affect the shape and placement of your pool like slope, underground hazards, and distance from the property line.

You can discuss all your concerns to your pool builder.

Safety and access

Adult supervision is a lot easier for pools that are near to the house. It can be a little noisier, however, if it is near main rooms or structure. You also need to think about the installation of an aboveground and in-ground pool.

Limiting pool access with gates or privacy fences is necessary.

You do not have to figure this out on your own. A reliable pool contractor can be your partner in determining the ideal design and location of your pool.

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