Cowboy boots in the store

The Anatomy of Cowboy Boots: Know Your Shoes

Cowboy boots take a strong sense of confidence to wear. If you plan to shop for men’s cowboy boots, you’ll have to pull off a stylish Western look. For any outfit that incorporates cowboy boots, though, you need to understand some basic boot parts. Knowing such elements can help you match the correct boots with the outfit you plan to wear.

Short and Long Heels

Cowboy boots have some characteristics that make them what they are. One such feature involves the kind of heels cowboy boots have. Cowboy boots have Cuban heels. Cuban heels refer to angled, under-slung heels with lengths of at least half an inch up to two inches. You can walk easier with shorter heels, while you can ride better with longer heels.

Long Boot Shafts

Cowboy boots also have the basic characteristic of having high shafts. Tops have to reach mid-calf at the minimum. The classic type of boots will commonly have shafts with lengths of 10–14 inches. At the top, the shafts can have simple round designs or elaborate decorative cut-outs.

Bootstraps or Holes

Finally, cowboy boots commonly have bootstraps — leather loops — that help with pulling the boots on and off. Designs without bootstraps, on the other hand, have holes that you can slip your fingers into. No matter type you have, these elements should exclude laces.

Other Parts

Other parts that you can find in cowboy boots include stitching for decorative as well as structural purposes. The stitches can help keep the boots upright. Cowboy boots also have toe boxes, vamps, and outer soles.

These make up the basic parts of cowboy boots. As a cowboy boot enthusiast, you can better understand the different styles of cowboy boots when you know these parts. At the same time, you can better choose which style you like or need, according to the outfit you envision. You can then shop men’s cowboy boots with confidence and pull off the cowboy look.

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