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Technologies Used for Environmental Remediation in Utah

One of the unfortunate by-products of economic progress in most countries is water and ground pollution. Indiscriminate or ineffective disposal of industrial, chemical, and even nuclear waste in waterways and on the ground had an adverse affect the environment and health of the earth’s population, as well as the flora and fauna.

Strict environmental laws are already in place in several countries to stop pollution-causing practices, but these are only effective at lessening incremental pollution. The danger remains because of the existing pollution levels present.

Environmental Remediation in Utah

To address the current pollution levels affecting the surface water and groundwater, as well as ground (soil and sediment) resources, various environmental remediation technologies have been developed and are being implemented in Utah to remove contaminants from the environment. Among these technologies are:

Pump and Treat

This technology is used to clean groundwater. A vacuum is submerged into the area with polluted groundwater and is pumped into a sequence of contaminant-absorbing containers, after which the treated groundwater is pumped back.

In Situ Oxidation

This new technology aims to clean up soil and groundwater, and involves the use of powerful oxidants such as oxygen, ozone gas, persulfates, hydrogen peroxide and the like to promote contaminant-consuming aerobic bacteria.

Solidification and Stabilization

This technology removes soil contaminants using binders that react with soil to create a “trap” that slows down the movement of contaminants.

Soil Vapor Extraction

This technology involves exposing the soil to high temperatures to vaporize the contaminants. The resulting vapor is then suctioned by a vacuum.

Caring for the environment should be everyone’s concern. An effective strategy for addressing concerns caused by ground and water pollution is to implement strict anti-pollution policies to lessen or even eradicate further contamination, and clean up the contaminants already present in the environment through the effective use of remediation technologies.

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