Stop the Tax Levy that Stops You

Tax debts can create overwhelming damages to your life, especially to your properties and finances. If you have back taxes or those obligations that you didn’t manage to file and pay, then you’re in big trouble. The IRS has the right to chase you and force you to settle all your tax obligations.

The IRS reserves the right to take actions against you if you don’t pay all your taxes. It can take your payments through wage garnishment. It can also take any of your properties as payments. You surely don’t want that. Good thing there are different ways to stop such circumstances. Some companies assist people with overwhelming tax debts. They can give you useful advice on how you can stop problems like a tax levy. Here are some of the most effective ways to do this.

Make a Full Payment

This is the best thing you can do to get away with bad effects of your tax debts. Tax levy is an action taken by the IRS when citizens don’t file or pay their taxes. You’ll not lose any of your properties if you pay your tax debt in full. This, however, is not always the best option for everybody. People who have insufficient money to pay for their back taxes should try other ways to stop tax levy.

Appeal to the IRS

Normally, you’ll receive a warning notice from the IRS indicating that you have 30 days to settle your debts to avoid levy. Once you receive your “Final Notice of Intent to Levy”, it’s time to appeal to the IRS. You have appeal rights that will allow you to stop the levy and offer an alternative resolution. These include securing a so-called Installment Agreement or Offer in Compromise with the IRS Office of Appeals.

Get Qualified Help

It’s always good to know that there’s someone to help you with your tax debt problems. A reliable tax resolution company has a qualified team of tax professionals who can help you do away with those issues. They have the right solution that fits your situation.

Tax debt problems should not hinder you from continuing your life. There’s no need to surrender because you can get the help you need from companies like 20/20 Tax Resolution.

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