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Steel vs. Wood: Which is the Ideal Garage Door

When it comes to home exterior, it’s important to choose materials other than its look. The materials should have long-lasting quality with low or no maintenance at all.

Steel and wood, for instance, are among the most popular, if not practical, garage door options today. Both have their advantages and disadvantages; it’s best to know which is ideal for your property.

Home improvement sites such as and and garage door service provider, have put together a short comparison list to help you decide:

1. Low Maintenance

A steel garage door needs less maintenance, but dents and scratches might be difficult to hide as these make a permanent mark. Rust depends on the coating of the garage door, so it’s better to buy from reliable suppliers. A wood garage door may need higher maintenance, but it’s easier to hide and fix surface damages because you can sand, repaint, and re-finish it over again.

2. Weathering Resistance

The garage door needs to look good and serve as a shield to protect the front area of your property. You’ll need a material that can resist weather conditions on a daily basis. Steel garage doors are ideal for any type of climate because they resist heat, rain, and humidity. They don’t bend or warp. It may be prone to dents and scratches, but steel doors keep their original form unlike wooden garage doors.

3. Insulation Properties

Insulation is important, especially when your garage is attached to the main property. You can get enough insulation during the hot and cold days depending on the type of wood you chose.

Steel garage doors, on the other hand, are available in insulated and non-insulated types. In fact, some manufacturers allow you to choose the level of insulation.

The choice between steel and wood depends on your preferences and the needs of your property. Focusing on a single factor won’t cut it if you want to make the most of your investment.

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