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Social Media During Divorce: Take It Easy

The majority of adults are on social media, with common habits like browsing, sharing posts, posting statuses, and uploading photos. While there’s nothing wrong with being on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it can work against your favor, especially when you’re going through marriage dissolution. This is why family and divorce lawyers advise clients to take it easy on using their accounts.

Exercise Caution

Taking it easy on social media could mean spending less time, deactivating your accounts, or resetting the profile setting so not everyone can see your posts. Divorce lawyers in Albuquerque note that doing so can reduce the risk of your post from unintentionally providing some sort of evidence. You may also choose to delete your accounts, so your friends won’t be able to share any of your activity.

Social media posts and photos can be used against your favor if they were not gathered illegally. This means that lawyers or other parties can’t hack into your account or create a fake profile (and friend you) to use your posts and use them as evidence. Your public posts or those that are seen by the public are admissible as evidence.

Avoid These Things

In most cases, it’s advisable to deactivate your account or change the profile setting. If you, however, find it hard to do so, it’s best to exercise caution when using these sites. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t do on social media during divorce proceedings:

  • Posting pictures of yourself while on vacation, partying, or engaging in any behavior that might look inappropriate,
  • Bragging about your purchases (this can backfire if you’re asking for alimony or child custody),
  • Spying on your ex,
  • Posting photos of your new romance or partner, and
  • Writing mean or derogatory posts about your spouse.

Don’t let social media put your divorce case at risk. If you’re in the process of divorce or a custody battle, it’s best to use your social media account less or think twice about your posts. Work with a divorce lawyer, so you’ll know what do while protecting your rights.

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