Say Goodbye to Bedbugs: Simple Home Remedies

Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs don’t just miraculously grow in your beds. No matter how much you keep your homes clean, the chances of having bedbugs are still high. Bedbugs come from infested areas, places where one is not usually aware of (i.e. public places). It is able to reach your homes through things it gets contact with like your bags, jackets, etc.

Get rid of bed bugs before it’s too late with these simple home remedies.

  1. Heat

Bed bugs are not good at handling heat and die at a temperature above 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it would be wise to wash and dry contaminated materials using the highest heat setting to easily get rid of bedbugs. If your mattresses are infested with bedbugs, leaving it out under the sun can help solve the problem.

  1. Tea tree oil

Hit two birds with one stone by using tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known for its pest repelling properties. Not only does tea tree oil kill insects and pests living on your skin or anywhere near you, it also helps treat bug bites and itches. Simply dilute tea tree oil in water and spray at the affected and surrounding area every day for a week to see results.

  1. Vacuum

If you can’t beat ’em, suck ’em–with a vacuum cleaner that is. The vacuum sucks small things up. If it can suck accumulated dirt in your couch or mattresses, then it can definitely suck bedbugs to help keep your area pest-free.

  1. Exterminators

If the infected area is too large for you to handle, or if bedbugs are recurring even after you have tried all means, calling bedbug exterminators in Elkhart would be the most practical solution. Such agencies not only help you eradicate bed bugs, they also use environment-friendly solutions to help prevent environmental damage.

Don’t wait for bedbugs to just die down and go away. They never would. So start taking action now, before it’s too late.

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