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Safety Measures for Handling Cargo

Every industry is concerned about the safety of cargo. As such, cargo handlers need to learn to load and unload goods safely. It used to be a manual process, but companies have begun to invest in automatic trailer loading systems. However, shipping personnel should consider safety measures when using loading and unloading equipment. Here are the steps needed for secure loading and unloading operations:

Equipment Examination

It is crucial to conduct a routine check of all cargo handling equipment before using them. For example, shipping personnel should check aspects such as warning devices, brake faults, tires, and steering. Cargo handlers should stop using the equipment immediately when they realise that it has a problem until the management replaces or repairs it.

Ensure that the Load Is Stable

The second safety measure is to ensure that the cargo is stable and secured. It is also crucial to check any damage in the load before moving it to the lorry. The best way to increase the stability of the luggage is to tilt it back on the folks when transporting it. You need to check all the overhead objects and ensure that the cargo is stable before moving the forks.

Cargo Inspection

Cargo handlers should check the cargo immediately when it arrives. Inspection of goods prevents further damage, while repairing broken equipment ensures that there is no compromise on the integrity and strength of loading equipment. You may also need to clean the loading equipment to prevent dust entry.

Avoid Hazards

Slippery routes, uneven surfaces and bumps can cause damages when loading and transporting fragile goods. A wet surface can make an object lose control over the loading equipment or tilt around. It is also crucial for lorry drivers to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles to make it easier to stop safely.

Cargo handlers can use these tips to improve the safety of the loading and unloading process. Shipping personnel need to familiarise themselves with these tips to maintain or enhance the safety of their cargo at every stage. It is also crucial for them to use loading equipment as instructed.

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