Plant roots

Root Problems You Need to be Aware of

It’s easy to get used to the idea of having a bunch of trees shading your backyard from the harsh noon sun. It’s easier to purchase seedlings and plant them wherever you want. What’s hard, however, is thinking about how those trees will grow. Their root system can be unpredictable, and this may spell trouble.

Clogging the Pipes

You don’t see what’s going on in the pipes, but the roots of your beloved trees may be causing a problem there. A partial blockage means you need rooter service from All Hours Plumbing and HVAC to remove the part that is causing the problem. When there’s a full blockage, on the other hand, the rooter may need to use a combination of techniques to rid the pipes of anything hindering water flow.

Compromising the Pavement

Plants can grow anywhere. Think about those small sprouts you see on pavements or cement walls. Plants only need sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water to thrive. This means that a plant may occupy a crack in your driveway. This doesn’t seem like a big issue–until the plant starts to get bigger. The crack in your driveway will grow bigger as well, and any crack compromises its strength, so be wary. To avoid this, you may seal the cracks using a cement mixture.

Causing Accidents

Roots look for a source of nutrients. Sometimes a shallow root system may be in a weird, twisted shape that protrudes from the ground. This may cause accidents when someone unfamiliar with the protruding root walks along your path. You can keep reminding everyone, but it’s easier to prevent the cases of tripping and falling altogether. A better alternative is having the tree removed and replanted elsewhere.

Plants have roots to help them get the nutrients they need. In some situations, however, these roots may be a nuisance. Know when to have them removed.

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