Post-Graduate Possibilities: A Guide for the Young and Anxious

The post-graduate life can be rather daunting. Outside of the comforts of your undergraduate life, the possibilities seem limitless. While you may have many options to choose from, it can be difficult to commit to a decision you might regret.

After graduation, you have the option to pursue a master’s degree. Another option is to enter the workforce. Your growth as an individual does not have to end at graduation, as both of these options can provide new learning experiences for you.

Back to school

It may seem exhausting to enter a post-graduate program immediately after graduation. However, as a post-graduate student, you will not necessarily spend most of your time browsing through journals and dissertations. For instance, despite the focus on research and development in Singapore, psychology students taking their master’s degree participate in group-oriented activities such as role-plays and presentations. These activities test your creativity, and you can learn about more career options in your field if you are currently undecided.

A leg up the career ladder

A 2016 survey by Morgan McKinley shows that Singapore-based professionals often work overtime. Due to Singapore’s location, some professionals stay after office hours to communicate with companies based in America and Europe. This is a challenge you might face as a young professional new to your field. Discipline, focus and flexibility are necessary for a successful career, and you can hone these skills when you enter the workforce.

Life begins graduation

The fun does not have to stop due to your work or graduate school responsibilities. With more companies working on a better work-life balance for their employees, it is now easier to relax at the end of the day. There are various nightclubs and rooftop bars in the city centre for both students and professionals. Whether you are working or studying in graduate school, your social circles will grow. Both of these options can help you expand your horizons, which will help you learn more about your goals and dreams.

As a young graduate, you’ve got a lifetime to learn, grow and explore. There will always be new learning opportunities for you. Consider which skills you want to develop, and this will guide you in your decision-making.

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