Plotting your Career Path: Which High Paying Job should you Take?

Apart from being a holiday haven, Singapore is also one of the best countries for people looking for high-paying career opportunities and a happier life.

An article from The Mirror UK reported that the country is one of the best places for locals and expats looking to rise faster in the career ladder. While it’s not easy to score a job immediately, exerting enough patience bears fruitful rewards.

Despite its conservative GDP growth, Singapore’s fresh graduates can expect marginally higher salaries. If you’re after better financial income, James Cook University Singapore recommends learning more about the highest paying jobs to plot out your career path.

The Highest Paying Jobs

In 2015, the top paying job in the country was in the field of Information Technology. Chief information technology officers made SG$34,583, confirming the drive of students who pursued engineering and IT. Given that almost everything is digital now, computer know-how is essential. IT specialists attend to software and other related concerns, which are the backbones of today’s businesses.

Chief operating officers and general managers in the field of real estate also make big money. Since property is big in Singapore, those who specialize in this industry receive at least SG$13,000. The demand for limited land results in the development and property sales at higher prices.

Doctors and physicians are also big earners in Singapore. Because people aren’t immune to diseases, you’re always on call.

Education is ALWAYS Key

For you to land a high paying job, you must first finish a degree to prove your worth. Apart from helping you land a job, it also paves the way for financial rewards. Getting a high paying occupation does not happen overnight — your level of education affects the kinds of jobs available to you.

With a stable educational background, you can apply for a wider selection of jobs. If you want one of the high paying ones, increase your upward mobility by finishing a globally competitive course.

If you don’t know where to start, turn to the Internet. Online job portals are everywhere and they offer services to make job hunting easier. Just create an account and learn more about jobs whenever you come across them.

Jumpstart your career by planning ahead. Landing a high paying job requires patience, but with the right amount of perseverance, you can do it.

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