Little girl playing the piano

Musical Instruments for Beginners

Children express their love for music at a tender age. As such, the type of musical instrument that a child should start with is determined by two things: the length of their fingers, their age, and their interest.

Besides the unending fun that comes with music, their brain development will be boosted too. The big question is which instrument should your child play and at what age? This guide presents various instruments to help you decide.


The Piano Place agrees that a piano is one of the easiest musical instruments for children. This is because of its setup, which comes out as musical stuff, making the learning and understanding of music theory and notes natural and intuitive. It also teaches the child how to read treble and bass clefs, which is essential in preparing them for bigger instruments. A piano is recommended for children who are four years and above.


These come in small sizes, making them easy and comfortable for your child to handle. Unlike a guitar, a violin lacks frets or keys, which helps your child focus on the sound being produced. It is essential in ensuring that your child learns how to play in the right tune. A violin is recommended for children who are four years and above.


A small fife or flute is recommended for starters. The child can later upgrade to using a C flute, which has an offset G or closed holes. Your child might have difficulties with strength and balance of the flute due to their small features. In that case, it’s okay for your child to play with the left hand only. A flute is best used by children who are ten years and above.

Choosing the wrong instrument for your child to start with may discourage them. Additionally, the features of the equipment should be well selected to accommodate the interests and preferences of children. This way, they can play longer without getting tired easily.

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