Maintenance on water pumps

Minimize Operational Downtime with 2 Incredible Moves

Frequent equipment breakdown can lead you to incur heavy losses in the industrial and manufacturing sector. In addition to high maintenance costs, you would have extended downtimes to contend with.

If your operations involve pumping large volumes of water, you need an industrial water pump that can handle the job effortlessly. Other than getting one that meets your needs, you need to keep it in excellent condition to extend its service life, as well as reduce wear and tear and maintenance costs.

Frequent breakdowns can lead you to incur hefty losses, as these put your entire operation to stop. Lengthy downtimes mean you fall behind the production, causing you to fail to meet your target. Luckily, you can eliminate downtimes while keeping your operations seamless.

1. Create a Maintenance Schedule

Frequent monitoring is key to keeping your pumps running smoothly without costing too much. Therefore, you need to create a preventive maintenance schedule that outlines the inspection dates and the frequency. This way, you get to plan your work schedule around the maintenance needs and reduce your operational downtime.

It also means you get to book an appointment with your maintenance service provider on time. An efficient plan allows you to perform check-ups at the appropriate schedule. For instance, you need to test the pump’s pressure at least once a year, but you will need to check the integrity of the bolts at least quarterly.

2. Ensure Preventive Maintenance

Since pumps are large complex machines made of many moving parts, the failure of one component spells a disaster. When a component fails, it lowers the efficiency of your system whilst increasing the likelihood of damages to other parts. It also increases your downtime, which could lead you to incur substantial losses.

With proper preventive maintenance practices, such as adjusting and recalibrating pump systems, you can avoid such eventualities. Replacing heat exchangers, valves, seals and transformers before they fail entirely increases longevity. It likewise saves you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs whilst minimising downtime.

Preventive maintenance is key to lowering downtime when running a facility that uses heavy industrial pumps. With proper maintenance, you can run your pumps at full throttle without the risk of failure or extensive damage.

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