Staying committed to a workout routine

Keep Going: The Best Ways to Stay Committed to Your Workout Routine

Starting on a new workout routine is easy; staying committed to it is the difficult part. What do you do when the going gets tough? You should keep going.

Here are some effective ways to stay committed to your exercise routine:

Be accountable

Hitting fitness goals isn’t a lone ranger’s journey. You need someone whom you can share your struggles with and rebuke you when you’re slacking off. Get In Shape For Women suggests that you find someone you can trust. This could be experienced fitness trainers or fellow gym goers.

Consider joining small group training sessions to expand your network and find a like-minded fitness buddy. These programs are especially helpful for women because they add a social aspect to being fit. Make sure, though, that once you find an accountability partner, you’ll be a hundred percent committed to being honest and transparent to them.

Go for a routine you enjoy

This should already be a given, but interestingly, most ladies rarely prioritize this. Instead, they go for the routines that are ‘in’ or trendy, which celebrities go crazy about. That’s why they quit on their programs after a few sessions, realizing that the routines aren’t for them.

Consider for a moment the physical activities you did when you were young. You played hopscotch and jump rope precisely because you enjoyed them. It wasn’t a chore that you would need to force yourself into doing. Take the advice from your younger self: Look for an exercise program that gives you much delight.

Take “selfies”

No, really. With this, you’re able to notice the differences in your physique over time. You will see the fruits of your hard work, or if you don’t see any results yet, you will look for more ways to see them. It may look vain but look at it from the perspective of being conscious of your progress.

It’s best if you could have pictures from different angles: front, back, and sides. Similarly, document your fitness journey through words as well. Keep a journal and write down your goals, struggles, and wins.

Sticking to your workout routine is a tough battle, but it’s one worth fighting for. Remember these tips as you try to reach your fitness goals.

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