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Interesting Facts about Residential Time in Washington

Parents always want the best for their children, and divorce or separation does not change that. In most divorce cases, parents choose to share parenting time equally. However, sometimes, it takes a child custody attorney in Kent to make sure a parenting plan has the best interests of the child at its core. Here are some interesting facts from a Court Research unit report in 2014.

More Time with Mom

The report looked at 3,613 residential time summary reports for 2014. It said 65.6% of all the cases had children spending more time with their mother. Meanwhile, 63% of cases where the parents agreed on how much time each one would spend with the kids, the children still spent more time with the mother.

Risk Factors

Getting child custody can be a problem when one parent has one or more risk factors. The report identified 3,266 with that problem. The risk factors include abuse or neglect of the child, domestic violence, and mental health problems. Alcohol or drug dependency was the most common risk factor.

The court was a little more understanding with mothers with risk factors than with fathers. If a mother has two or more risk factors, the court gives the father with no risk factors custody only 50% of the time. If it were the father with these risk factors, the court gives the mother with no risk factors full custody 73.1% of the time.

Presence of an Attorney

Most parents did not have a lawyer present for the issue on child custody. However, this may be the reason fathers got so little time with their children overall. The report showed that 14.2% of the cases had one parent with a lawyer. In those cases, the parent with a lawyer got more parenting time.

For example, when fathers had an attorney, 29.3% got the majority of the residential time. In 26.3% of the cases, they got equal time. Overall, fathers only received majority time in 14.4% and equal time in 19.5% of the cases.

The report makes it seem that mothers have an advantage when it comes to child custody in Washington. If you are a father fighting for custody of your children, you should be aware of this. You need a child custody attorney for a better chance at success.

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