Innovative Ideas for Wedding Ring Designs

Golden wedding ringsImagine that your wedding day is drawing near and you want everything to be perfect. One of the best ways to make your ceremony extra special is to choose unique wedding rings. Here are some design ideas that can make you say “I do” with deeper meaning.

Back to the Past

If you feel that modern ring designs are too familiar, you can apply something from the past. Ask gem dealers such as AAA Jewelers if they can include design elements used in vintage wedding rings. Some of those features include engravings and the use of small beads with precious stones.

Mix Them Up

Speaking of using original materials, you can try that theme and use it for the whole ring. You can choose silver or platinum instead of gold. If you insist on gold, use rose gold, white gold, and other similar materials. You can even ask for a mix of specific metals to be integrated into the ring or several small circles of different elements bunched up into one. The same principle can apply to gemstones if you intend to include them into the rings.

A Personal Touch

There are other ways you can add a bit of yourself into your wedding rings. Choose to have a personal message or even your fingerprints engraved on them. You can also create a symbol or shape to signify your love and use it as the central theme of your rings. This is one of the best opportunities for you and your partner to create a project together, and it can be something that will symbolize your love.

Your wedding rings are symbols of your love for each other.  That reason alone demands that your rings be unique. Just remember to discuss your ideas with your future spouse so that he or she can also feel a connection with the rings and their special meaning.

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