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Increasing Brand Awareness with Email Marketing

Investing in online marketing is a vital part of any business that aims to attract new customers. When deciding where to spend your marketing dollars, you want to make sure the marketing method delivers the best results.

Email marketing is one example of a cost-effective internet marketing segment that helps you reach potential customers. Since the introduction of the internet and the rise of instant messaging via electronic mail, many businesses have turned to email marketing to promote their products and services. Email marketing allows business owners to target specific groups of customers, to keep them informed of any new product offerings, and to continue to deepen the relationship with them.

Vonazon notes that targeted email campaigns are powerful ways to connect with your audience and build their loyalty through your brand.

If you are still undecided whether you should invest marketing dollars on email marketing, take a look at some of the techniques you can use to raise brand awareness through email marketing:

Ask Before You Send

Email marketing is a personal way of reaching your audience. Unless you are sending emails to a current customer or an active member of your site, it is important to ask for permission before sending marketing emails. Studies show that approximately 43 percent of email users report unsolicited emails as spam, so you need to make sure to only send messages to the users who subscribed to your emails.

Permission is an important part of email marketing and businesses that successfully build permission-based lists have better chances of getting high click-through rates on their email campaigns.

Brand Personality

Unifying the personality used in your email campaigns can be difficult if you have not properly determined who you are as a business, so the first step to take is to establish a tone that will appeal to your audience.

Every email you send out to your subscribers represents the personality of your brand’s marketing communication. This means that you have to decide whether your brand is friendly, serious, or colloquial and be consistent with your chosen to brand personality during different points of contact with your target audience.

Tone of Voice

Keeping to a tone of voice in your email campaigns helps build legitimacy and reliability in your customers’ eyes and helps to express your brand’s set of values. It makes prospects believe in your company based on the consistency of the story and tone of voice of different members of your organization.

Increasing brand awareness takes time and effort, as well as sufficient investment for the trial and error phase. When done right, email marketing can improve your company’s brand awareness and build trust in your brand.

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