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How Digital Marketing May Solve the Labor Shortage in U.S. Manufacturing

Digital marketing for manufacturing companies could be the solution for a looming labor shortage in the United States, where many current workers are near the retirement age.

Despite creating a record high number of jobs, a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey showed that there are 488,000 vacancies in the industry. Companies should then consider the importance of marketing themselves to younger Americans, particularly on how they could acquire the necessary skills.

Skills Development

The outlook for manufacturing remains rosy, but the National Association of Manufacturers’ own poll revealed that more than 70% of companies worry about skills gap among employees. The Manufacturing Institute recognizes this concern, which led them to launch different types of training and skills development programs.

Some of these initiatives include the Heroes MAKE America and STEP Ahead programs, which helps military veterans and women, respectively. The role of digital marketing becomes important since not many are aware of these projects. An investment in digital marketing also lets businesses remain relevant and competitive, and these mainly cause spending to increase from the previous year.

Global Spending

A study showed that worldwide spending on digital marketing is close to the $100 billion mark. In 2017, spending from the UK and U.S. alone reached $52 billion. The research based its findings from 800 companies in the Asia-Pacific, European, and North American regions.

Both the U.S. and UK firms’ budget for digital marketing rose to 23% in 2017 from 16% in 2016. In terms of global advertising, a separate study claimed that global spending would amount to $581 billion by the end of this year.

Marketing not only serves as a tool for manufacturers to gain new customers, but also attract and retain talent. A burgeoning business will be useless, as you won’t be able to meet more customer demands without an adequate workforce.

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