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Guide to Building a Low-Maintenance Garden

Any home instantly becomes more beautiful when it has a well-maintained garden. The problem most people face, however, is the lack of time for caring for plants and maintaining green spaces. It’s not always economical to hire a gardener either, but taking care of your garden personally may feel therapeutic or at least enjoyable for some.

Fret not, because the solution to this problem is to keep your garden low-maintenance. Here’s how to do it:

Choose the Right Plants

Every plant would require some sort of maintenance. What you can do is choose the ones that are easier to care for. Hardy evergreens, for one, require minimal care once they have grown as opposed to other perennials. Be mindful of the height and spread of your plants, because you would have to prune regularly if the plants are too close to each other.

Forego the Lawn

Sure, a verdant sprawl is attractive, but it’s also difficult to maintain. You can have a garden without a large lawn with the right design. Rather than create plots of land, use large Italian planters and pots. Larger containers work best, so you can control the number of plants without having to do lots of maintenance. Limit the grass you have to mow from time to time. Create paths and add visual features to create an inviting atmosphere.

Set Borders and Sections

Creating sections in your garden also helps reduce the maintenance work you have to do. Borders work great in separating plants and keeping the open soil and grass to a minimum.

A good garden doesn’t have to be the typical sprawl with plenty of plants and trees. With the right design and plant choices, you can definitely maintain your own green space, minus the grueling and demanding work.

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