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Glass Categories Used For Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouses are now a standard feature across most properties in New Zealand for hobby and commercial planters. This is because they give the planters optimal conditions for their plants’ growth and take minimal space. But, according to, it is a must to invest in a material that gives you years of satisfaction and great value for money.

Glass was the oldest material option used for greenhouse construction. The benefits of this material, however, go beyond its antique look.

Glass remains an aesthetically appealing material with exceptional light transmission and an extended service lifespan. There are currently different glass categories a manufacturer might recommend for your small greenhouse.

The following are these glass options.

Annealed Glass

This is your cheapest greenhouse glass option. Annealed glass is treated using heat then slowly cooled to control its inner stress conditions. This glass is however prone to breaking when exposed to extreme temperature changes. It also splits into jagged shards which can result in severe injuries.

Laminated Glass

This option comprises at least two panes with a polyvinyl butyral {PVB} sheet between them. Laminated glass, unlike other options, shatters on impact with the PVB layer holding the broken pieces hence negating injury. It also enhances your seedlings’ safety by blocking 99% of UV rays. These properties make laminated glass ideal for places with extreme weather.

Tempered Glass

This type of greenhouse construction glass is heat-treated to boost its surface stress in relation to the internal one. Tempered glass is at least seven times clearer and stronger than annealed glass and breaks into tiny square shards which cause minimal injury. Though costly, it is ideal for your greenhouse’s walls, doors, and roof since it can endure extreme temperature changes. Tempered glass is nonetheless not suitable in places with heavy snow and strong winds.

Your choice from the above glass options primarily depends on your area’s climatic conditions. Though more costly to repair and install compared to other greenhouse glazing options, it is incredibly durable. Glass remains your best glazing choice for a greenhouse.


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