Four Ways Bodmin Jail Can Seize Your Attention

As a land where a lot of historical events took place, England is a treasure trove for curious tourists. There are multiple destinations to visit if you’re a history buff, a thrill seeker, or Anglophile, such as Bodmin Jail in the county of Cornwall.

Situated southwest of England, Bodmin Jail has evolved with the times. Once a penitentiary, it is now one of Cornwall’s historical sites that hosts guided tours, music events, and thrilling activities.

Jail Exhibition

This guided tour lends insight into what life was like for the prisoners of Bodmin Jail back in the day. Tour goers can explore six levels — areas such as a “cold, dank cell” with limited light, designed as identical as possible to the actual cells of the past centuries.

Horror Film Viewings

To complement the unnerving atmosphere at Bodmin Jail, scary films are available for viewing. Visitors need to book in advance though, as slots sell out fast. After watching, you can join the resident medium in descending to the jail to “discover the past and otherworldly residents” of the building.


Besides the jail itself, visitors can also participate in productions that tell the history of Cornish people. One particular story is the one about pirates and smugglers. The production shows their smuggling activities through an exhibition open to visitors.

You can interact with the exhibition by having the food offered, which resemble the ones eaten back in the day.

Cornish Pro Wrestling

For visitors seeking a different kind of thrill, the venue also offers Cornish pro wrestling events open to all visitors. It’s all in fun, and no real harm is done.

These four attractions are to watch out for in case you decide to visit the site. One can say Bodmin Jail can seize anyone’s attention when visiting England.

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