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Four Things that Explain the ‘Fab’ in Prefab Kit Houses

Many years ago, the mere mention of kit homes or pre-cut homes was frowned upon due to their perceived modular and unappealing look. Nowadays, this type of housing is becoming more popular. This is not only because of its less expensive price and the soaring prices of standard homes, but also because of their improved design and quality.

Pre-cut homes are a convenient option for homebuyers working on a small budget, yet aren’t wishing to sacrifice their desire for a great-looking and functional home. Here are some of the top benefits of kit homes.

Customisable design

Many companies offering kit homes in Perth, WA give you the option to have your kit home designed according to your unique plan and function requirements. You can tell your builder to construct, say, your living room on the other side of the house. You can even find developers who allow a fully customised design.

prefab home

By how_long_it_takes (Bill) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Eco-friendly building and features

Pre-cut homes are generally built and furnished in an eco-friendly way. Most builders use lightweight, recyclable steel, sustainable timber, and insulated roofing and walls. These features promote a greener approach to housing and minimal use of cooling and heating energy. Most of these houses meet five-star energy efficiency ratings. Some can even achieve higher ratings.

Cost effective option

As mentioned, pre-cut homes are not as expensive as other housing choices. You have the option to cut on the construction cost should you plan to build it yourself. The house components, called kit, come with instructions on how to assemble the parts. If you have or a friend has construction experience, it would be easy to put the parts together, minus the additional costs.

Excellent quality

Just because it’s prefab doesn’t mean it’s of poor quality. The prefabricated housing industry has improved its standards and quality control over the years. In fact, big funds are given to boost this promising industry. Pre-cut homes today use high quality timber and durable steel frames to make structures strong and secure.

Get all these benefits by searching for a qualified kit homebuilder. Find one that strictly meets industry standards and abides by the local building codes.

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