Facebook, Google, and Waze. A Love Triangle On The Map

Facebook and Google are trying to bid their way to buy an Israeli mobile application. According to Bloomberg news, the said parties might end up pitching for Waze, an application that uses satellite signals to produce maps and provides users actual traffic reports. The number of its users is continuously growing and it really shows a promising hit to the crowd, especially now that map applications are becoming trendy.

Based on reports, Waze is gaining interest from different companies, including Facebook and Google, but might cost its potential buyer more than $1 billion. Google and others became interested with Waze after a report that Facebook was trying to make a deal with the application maker.

It is said that Facebook sees the application as a tool to boost their ads. After Facebook was launched years ago, most of their applications were only made available under the brand and this might also happen if the social networking site will win over the forecasted bidding war. Facebook, with all its resources, can surely create their own map and navigation application, but the idea of turning Waze users into Facebook map users is in the air. For the social networking site, it’ll be a fast way to get more loyalties.

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