Sentosa Island

Experience the Best of Universal Studios Singapore without Breaking the Bank

Universal Studios is a dream destination for movie and television enthusiasts. For fans living in Asia, however, the distance and cost of visiting the park in Orlando, Florida aren’t very practical. Fortunately, they can experience the fun and excitement at Sentosa instead. The island offers affordable, bundled passes that let visitors enjoy everything the park has to offer without breaking the bank.

Whole-Day Adventure

Sentosa Store’s most coveted Universal Studio tickets are the 2-Day Universal Studios + Play Max and 2-Day Universal Studios + Play 3 bundles. Both offer a one-day pass at Universal Studios Singapore. Visitors will be able to explore all the attractions in this 20-hectare park; and, if they come on a weekend, they’ll be able to watch the highly anticipated Lake Hollywood Spectacular fireworks show and the Hollywood Dreams Parade.

Must-See Attractions

Besides the crowd-favourite parades, Universal Studios Singapore also offers moviegoers other amazing attractions.

Movie-themed attractions include Shrek 4-D Adventure; Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey and Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. Another must-see is Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, which is an incredible show that boasts the realistic appeal of practical special effects in movies.

Meanwhile, the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon, Revenge of the Mummy, TRANSFORMERS The Ride and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure amusements will satisfy any thrill-seeker’s appetite for adventure.

Big Savings for Bundled Rides

Both Play Max and Play 3 bundles also offer one-day access to Sentosa Island. But whereas Play Max allows visitors to try up to 20 attractions on Sentosa Island, Play 3 only gives them access to three. Considering the $65 price difference, the Play Max pass offers more value for money.

Regardless, both passes are excellent deals for tourists who want to maximise their budget. Bundled passes are often more affordable, convenient, and saves customers from the long queues for à la carte tickets at Universal Studios and Sentosa.

When opportunities that let you experience new and wonderful things arrive, grab them by the horns. The happy memories you make will be worth the price.


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