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Engagement Ring Buying Guide: Questions to Ask Your Jeweler

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most challenging events in a man’s life. Aside from not really being familiar with jewelry, choosing the perfect one for your significant other is also a hit or miss.

Luckily, there are ways to solve this problem. One of which is seeking help from your jeweler in Salt Lake City by asking the right questions. The more you know about the jewelry, the better decisions you would be able to make.

1. Where do you source your diamonds?

A good jeweler will know where their diamonds come from. It is important to ask this question early on because you do not want to be buying illegally or inhumanely sourced diamonds.

2. Is the ring easy to resize?

Make sure the band is easy to resize because, over the years, there is no guarantee that your significant other’s finger size will remain the same. It pays to prepare.

3. Which kind of insurance is best?

There is no better person who knows about your engagement ring than your jeweler. Thus, they know what type of insurance is best for it. Sometimes, they have insurance partners they can recommend. Others, do not, but would be able to guide you through getting one.

4. What are your warranty, guarantee, and exchange policies?

Know your coverage and limits even before you make your purchase. Having reasonable coverage is also a part of your investment, and you should take this into consideration upon purchase.

5. What are your maintenance services?

Some jewelers offer free maintenance and cleaning for a lifetime, or for a period of time. Because jewelry also needs from TLC from time to time, it pays to know that you have someone to go to when you need such services.

Keep these questions with you when you visit your jeweler and see how it can help you find the right ring that will complete your proposal.

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