Don’t Let Raising a Teenager Drive You Up the Wall

teenagerThere’s great joy in watching your little one blossom into an adult, especially if he is already in senior high and goes to renowned institutions such as St. Edward Integrated School. Well, that is until the rebellious stage that occurs when your child becomes a teenager. Parents have a hard time with kids at this stage of life, and it drives them the walls.

At this point in life, teens tend to prioritize their friends over you. Most parents take this as an affront to all their hard work and effort, and it’s all downhill from there. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Learn to listen

Raging hormones, insecurities and uncertainty are the hallmark of the teenage years, and this makes them quite volatile. In most cases, they tend to feel unheard and underappreciated, and this tends to warp their sense of reality. Instead of coming at them gun blazing, it’s crucial that you adopt a diplomatic approach.

Underneath all the eye-rolling and attitude-infested exterior is a scared child who needs guidance. Listening to them can give you insights into their struggle, and you can help them surmount or live through them.

This will eliminate unnecessary tension and confrontations that drive them to engage in harmful behaviors to cope with what they term to be an uncomfortable situation.

Set ground rules

As much as you would like to indulge teens and their struggles, you still need to put your foot down. Otherwise, their illogical conduct can leave you with a case of frayed nerves and running out of patience. Hence, you need to set the ground rules about their behavior and as well as around the house.

That way you can decide how much help they provide around the house, how often they can go out, how late they can stay out and such stuff. Such rules also give insights into their conduct without having to interrogate them.

Raising a teenager is no walk in the park, but it doesn’t need to cause you to pull out your hair. With a little creativity, you can give them the necessary leeway without losing control or resorting to never-ending conflicts.

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