Banner stand Display

Creating a Banner Display for Maximum Impact

Banner stand displays can be extremely effective means for marketing your business. They are very easy to lug around in pop up events and expos, get in and out of a car, and place in your business space. To be effective however, a banner stand display must be designed for maximum impact.

Here’s how.

What Do You Need the Banner Stand For?

Do you need the banner stand to sell your products or more for reinforcing your business brand? For marketing purposes, you must of course put more emphasis on your various offerings and perhaps a promotional offer the likes of ‘Buy One Product Today, Get 25% Off on Your Next Purchase.’

On the other hand, for branding purposes, you can consider putting more focus on information that you want your customers to know about your brand.

Where Are You Using Your Banner Stand?

In general, banner stand displays are around 2 meters high and presuming that the average person’s height is in the vicinity of 1.6 to 1.7 meters, then only the highest part of your banner will be seen from a distance, especially if there are people blocking the view of your banner. This is fine in retail spaces, but during expos and such, not so much. What this means is that you must consider putting all relevant information on the topmost portion of your banner display such as your business brand and logo.

What Should You Put in Your Banner Display?

With banner displays, as with all other forms of display, less is more often than not, really more. You must evaluate the impact of the information you’re considering putting in your banner and how to minimize and fine-tune it to be as clear as possible. You can put more images, as your banner is a visual display and people will be more drawn to displays with actual images instead of just words.

Now that you have a clearer vision of how your banner stand display should look like, make sure that you get all your other visual displays from one supplier to ensure that your products and brand will be uniform throughout.

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