Siloso Beach Party

Countdown to 2015: A Look at Singapore’s Best New Year’s Eve Parties

2014 was a big year for all of us, but it seems like Singaporeans were particularly eager to see it off with a bang. More than anything else, the spectacular New Year’s Eve parties held throughout the country was a real sight to behold. If you got the chance to attend one, then the memories should still be fresh in your mind.

For those of us who were not so lucky, however, here is a quick rundown of some of the biggest events. There were dozens of them, but these three definitely stood out the most.

1. Marina Bay Countdown – Let’s start the list with a yearly classic that never gets old. The Marina Bay Countdown showcased its iconic fireworks display, plus special appearances from various superstars and local celebrities. There were plenty of activities; it boasted over eight hours of non-stop music, a carnival with tons of food and games, and a great deal of fun in general.

2. Siloso Beach Party – What better place to celebrate that at the beach? The Siloso Beach Party had an impressive head count of around 15,000 people. Even with five zones, the place was jam packed with a fairly diverse collection of party goers. Over 20 international and local DJs entertained the crowds, headlined by the up and coming DJ Mike Candys.

3. Universal Studios – This was easily one of the best, family friendly gatherings available. If the fact that their rides were open all night wasn’t enough to convince you to celebrate here, the pyrotechnics and multimedia shows probably were. Dazzling lights from various LED street acts were definite crowd pleasers, though the tribute band performance was arguably the real highlight of the event.

Even though 2015 has barely begun, there’s a chance that many people here are already looking forward to what the next New Year’s Eve parties have in store.

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