Underwater sewer pipe in coral reef

Coral Reefs: Protecting them from Oil Spills

Coral reefs are one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. They provide shelter for different species of marine life; they provide food for other marine species. Coral reefs also protect coastlines. They lessen the power of waves and storms that can harm coastal cities and populations. Websites like argylece.com.au say that these coral reefs need the protection of marine spill kits. The fishing industry and the scientific community also benefit from coral reefs too. Many species of fish thrive in coral reefs and end up in many fish markets. For many scientists, they can read the effects of environmental changes in corals from the past to the present.

Threats faced by coral reefs

Human activities have endangered coral reefs. Excessive fishing, trawling, and pollution affect the delicate balance of the coral reef’s ecosystem. But the worst offenders of all these are chemical and oil spills. Chemical and oil spills often originate from ships that transport oil and other products from ports around the world. Chemicals and oil can damage low-lying reefs or those exposed during low tides. Heavy oil can smother coral, while the health of the animals that live in the reef are severely affected and could eventually die. Any spill affects coral’s reproduction, growth, development and behaviour and other marine life will suffer and die too.

How to save coral reefs from oil spills

All ships should have chemical spill kits on board in case of accidental spills. The crew should use these kits to prevent oil and other chemicals from seeping into the ocean. Many companies also provide marine spill kits, which are designed to recover oil and other chemicals from water. Some of these marine spill kits are mobile and could be stored in areas where spills and leaks are prone to occur. This cleaning equipment can prevent contamination of water resources such as ponds, harbours, rivers, and bays. Corals reefs are important to the ecological balance of our oceans, and they need to be protected to save not only marine life but also human civilisation.

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