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CompTIA: More Businesses Prioritize Cybersecurity

If you’re thinking of taking a CompTIA Security+ practice test, now will be a better time since more businesses expect to prioritize cybersecurity in the near future.

By 2020, companies expect to focus more on beefing up the security of their IT infrastructure, according to a CompTIA survey. It showed that 85% of respondents expect cybersecurity to be more important in the next two years.

New Certification

As businesses become more conscious on security, CompTIA launched an update to its Advanced Security Practitioner certification. The CAS-003 test aims to evaluate a cybersecurity professional’s capabilities and knowledge on advanced solutions for their employers.

The introduction of the new exam makes sense since cyber-attacks and hacking techniques become more complex each day. This type of certification ideally applies for those with at least five years of work experience. Some of these professionals include information security analysts, security architects and engineers, technical lead analysts, and application security engineers. IT security managers could also seek this certification to boost their market value.

Competitive Salaries

An IT security manager earns between $115,000 and $125,000 each year. You will need at least a degree in information technology or computer science to have this role, aside from an extensive experience. The latter requirement is essential since they represent the core of a company’s security system.

This job will also require you to work regularly with network architects, which pays a six-figure salary as well. Network architects earn at least $100,000 per year. Other jobs in the IT industry that offer competitive salaries include a lead applications director and a software engineer.

A large paycheck serves as one of the main reasons behind many people that want a career in IT cybersecurity. Industry certification will help in increasing your chances of landing a job, so it’s best to prepare by taking a practice test.

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