Childproofing Your Home: Ideas for a Safer House

Every family home should be safe for kids. Kids are naturally curious; one moment your little one is harmlessly playing on the carpet, the next moment she could be tugging at the TV power cord. You have to think of ways to keep your house baby and childproof.

Here are some suggestions:

Cover the outlets

There are some cheap yet durable outlet covers you can buy from your nearest appliance and home needs store. These covers can prevent kids from inserting their fingers or toys in power outlets that they can reach.

Buy non-slip socks

There are non-slip socks lined with rubber designs on the sole to prevent kids from slipping. If you can’t find any, you can DIY them. Use colourful, non-toxic rubber paint to draw designs on your kids’ socks.

Repair glass walls

If there are glass walls around your house, check if there are any cracks. You can hire professionals at Auckland Glass Ltd for glass repair to make sure your little tykes are protected from the dangers of broken and falling glass.

Fasten appliances and furniture

Fasten your furniture like cabinets and shelves to the wall behind them. Use your TV’s wall bracket. Fashion a bracket for your stereo. Use your walls; build shelves on them for smaller appliances like your iPod dock speakers. This will prevent objects from falling on your little ones.

Use carpets and rugs

Thick carpets and rugs are good for surfaces where your kids like to play. If they ever fall, the carpet or rug will give some cushion to protect them. Make sure you vacuum your carpet and rugs, though, so your kids won’t suffer from allergies brought about by dust.

Use a towel in the tub

When giving your little one a bath, put a towel in the tub. It will make it less slippery. There are also rubber liners you can buy for such a purpose.

It’s important that you make your home safe for your little ones. Never leave them alone for too long, and always think of ways to make every part of your home free from risks.

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