A cowboy riding a bull

Bull Riding: Make That 8 Seconds Count

Professional bull riding requires endurance and determination. It is a very demanding sport and perseverance alone will not do. Apart from knowing where to find the best cowboy apparels and men’s cowboy boots for sale, you should know the essential things a bull rider requires, both mentally and physically. If you’re decided on taking up this sport, here are some of the things you need.

Wear the essential gear

One of the vivid symbols of a cowboy is the hat. Most bull riders want to wear one, but today some prefer safety helmets to prevent head injuries. Other protective gear includes vests, gloves, and chaps. These protect riders from the bulls if they get thrown off.

Physical fitness

Professional bull riding requires strength, flexibility, and agility. Improving in these areas require discipline, great effort, proper rest, the proper routine. Fitness experts recommend building your core muscles and strength training. You can use integrated muscle exercises to improve both strength and flexibility, Yoga, with its emphasis on stretching and strength, could also improve a rider’s muscle adaptability.

Perfect your riding

Technique is very important in all sports. Good training will help you perfect your technique and improve your performance. It is best to enroll in a bull riding lesson, where experienced trainers can help you improve on your skills. They can analyze the way you ride and study your posture, before suggesting any changes and improvements. They will also teach you on what you need to observe when it comes to the bull you’re going to ride.

Bull riding is a sport that requires mental preparation and extreme courage. If you intend to excel in it, make sure that you have the right preparation and equipment to make that 8 seconds last you a lifetime of bull riding success.

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