Amazon Rebrands Video-On-Demand Service To Take On Netflix

In an attempt to hit back at Netflix, e-commerce giant Amazon rebrands its video-on-demand service, LoveFilm. Amazon bought the service provider three years ago in a deal worth nearly £200m.

One-Stop Service

The online retailer is planning to include the service in its website, which will make it a one-stop service for everything digital streaming, DVD rental, and books. Amazon renames the service as Prime Instant Video.

The move is seen by many as an attempt to leapfrog Netflix when it comes to digital TV and film streaming business in the UK. But Amazon aims to deliver broader service by including options for digitally renting or purchasing new releases. NetFlix offers mostly older programming.

Vice-president of Amazon Instant Video for the UK and Germany, Tim Leslie, said, “It is the only place you are going to be able to find certain great TV shows, movies and original content all in one place. It is the most complete digital video service in the UK.”

Subscription Cost

Amazon Prime combined subscription reportedly costs £79 annually, 35% cheaper than subscribing to separate services. Users may also continue to pay £5.99 if they want to access Prime Instant Video only.

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