A Step-by-Step Guide to Plopping Hair to Get the Perfect Curls

Plopping is an anti-frizz hair method that can work wonders for your clients’ curly hair. Fortunately, this technique is not as difficult to learn as other hair care and prepping means that you learned from a beauty school in Utah.

Although you will have the benefit of modern technology in this salon, teaching this classic and manual plopping technique will earn you praise from your clients.

All you require is a bit of patience, a piece of fabric and your client’s curly or wavy hair. The result will give them every day defined and bouncy curls without the frizz.

Step 1.

Have your clients look for a towel, scarf or any soft, rectangular-shaped fabric. This could include a king-size jersey pillowcase, a huge cotton handkerchief, or a stretchy long-sleeved shirt.

Step 2.

Ask them to start with a damp, clean hair and have them put on their favorite curly hair styling product throughout the ends of their hair.

Step 3.

Get them to lay the fabric on their bed or any flat surface. Afterward, they should bend over to lower their hair onto the fabric gradually.

Step 4.

As soon as their head touches the fabric, have them wrap it around their scrunched hair. They can then fold the material back over their neck before. Thereafter, they should gather each side; roll it upwards once or twice to help the cloth fit more tightly around their hair.

Step 5.

They can then knot the loose ends together, while still clutching each side of the fabric before crossing it behind their neck. By now, they can proceed to wrap the piece back around their forehead to tie the final knot.

Step 6.

After 20 minutes, they can remove the fabric from their hair and see perfect curls without any frizz.

Every time your client comes to you for cut or treatment, they always ask you tips on how to control their curls. This easy method will guarantee that they earn their respect and even their admiration. Who knows, this act of kindness will keep them coming back to you for more advice and treatments.

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