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A Quick Guide to Mesh Panels for Concrete Reinforcement

The construction industry relies heavily on high quality, heavy-duty materials. They are manufactured according to strict standards to ensure quality. Materials designed to reinforce or bolster concrete, for instance, are specially fabricated to meet the unique requirements of the construction project. One good example is mesh panels, which are prefabricated for applications that use concrete.


Concrete reinforcing mesh panels are made of high tensile steel wires. As and other experts explain, these wires are spot welded into a mesh that is either square or rectangular in shape. The wire panels are galvanised either before or after they’re welded. The resulting mesh has different finishes depending on which of the two processes came first.

Mesh panels are manufactured based on SANS 1024 Standard Specifications. This allows for easier identification, management, and quality control of the supplies.


Different types of wires are used in making a mesh, such as stainless steel, rebar, and low carbon wires. Manufacturers make sure that the end products have an even surface, precise opening, and strong structure. They also ensure that the mesh has enough resistance against corrosion and oxidation.

Other than their intrinsic properties, welded mesh panels are designed to help make the construction process faster. The material’s rigid nature allows for easier and more accurate control over the concrete cover.


Coming in rolls or sheets, mesh panels or fabrics are used in different applications in the construction site. They are most often used in concrete surface beds for floors and concrete roads. Other applications that require reinforcement include concrete walls and retaining walls, suspended floor slabs, as well as drains and culverts.

Other than real estate development and infrastructure, mesh panels are also widely used in the food and agriculture sectors.

Wire reinforcements play an important role in making houses, buildings, and many other structures structurally sound and stable. Not only they are highly useful and versatile, but they are also seen by the construction industry as an option that is economical and highly suitable for the unique demands of the industry.

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