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4 Top Exercises That Sharpen Your Mind

Most people follow a fixed routine. There’s a good reason for this. A routine makes life so much easier. It does away with the inconvenience of having to make tough decisions. But the problem with following a routine is that it makes your brain sluggish.

With these simple exercises, however, you can make your mind sharper and healthier in no time.


Numerous people meditate on a regular basis. The benefits of meditation are undeniable. The exercise helps relieve stress and anxiety, not to mention boosting creativity. Meditation is the most challenging mental exercise and, thus, the best. Consider taking yoga and meditation retreats at Vagabond Temple every once in a while to boost your mind’s health.

Physical Exercise

The benefits of physical exercise far exceed just giving you a great body. In fact, studies show that exercising the body every day is one of the best ways to keep the brain in top shape. Physical exercise is even more important in brain development than thinking itself. Whenever you exercise the body, you release brain chemicals that boost the formation of brain cells.

Switching hands

Using your non-dominant hand to do tasks will result in more brain activity. If you are left-handed, for instance, start using your right hand while eating, using the computer mouse or drawing. This is a challenging exercise that helps exercise your brain.

Doing things with your eyes closed

Do easy tasks such as sorting the laundry or washing your hair with your eyes closed. Doing so challenges your brain to use new neural pathways. This is good for the health of your brain. Just be sure not to do anything dangerous.

The health of your brain is just as important as your physical, social and spiritual health. By proactively engaging in activities that stimulate the brain, you can start to have enhanced fluid intelligence, flexibility, and creativity.

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