Stylish Staircase

4 Creative Ideas to Make People Stare at Your Stylish Staircase

Design transitions are important, especially if you have a multi-storey home. Each level should have its own identity and contribute to the overall theme of the house at the same time. But, there are some owners who are having a hard time making the interior design feel less disjointed. If you feel the same way, take a closer look at the design of your staircase.

When it comes to aesthetics, staircases can become a focal element of your home’s design. A creatively designed staircase can help you give your home a more distinct style and make each level feel more connected. Take a look at some creative ideas from Jigsaw Balustrades to make your staircase stunning.

More Storage

Make better use of your staircase by converting it into a storage space. Create step drawers to store your books, shoes, or other knickknacks. You may also use the area to keep your cleaning materials, safely away from the reach of your toddlers.

Invisible Border

Stairs without handrails are great for modern, minimalist home. But, if you want to ensure safety yet still retain the visual design, there are few options available. Glass designs, for example, can make your stairs appear as if they are floating. Frameless glass balustrading experts say the borderless design can add a huge visual impact to your interiors.

Bookworm Corner

Booklovers do not require much when it comes to their reading nooks. With just enough space to stretch out or to lie down, they can be on their own. If you have ample space underneath your stairs, you can turn it as your reading nook, perfect for long, undisturbed reading sessions.

Light up the Way

Climbing up and down the stairs at night can be unsafe. For safety and added visual impact, you can put LED lights on each step of your stairs. They are cost-effective solutions for making your stairs extra valuable.

Your stairs can be the difference in boosting the aesthetics of your home. Consider these options when renovating your house for better interiors.

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