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3 Things to Try On Your Next Weekend Trip

A weekend getaway doesn’t have to be filled with so many activities. If you want to de-stress and unwind, perhaps a little downtime in a new atmosphere is what you need. You don’t even have to go overseas. Places like Fish Creek, in Wisconsin, can be your destination.

Here’s what you can do in your next vacation spot:

Try a New Dish

There’s bound to be a couple of recommendations from travel websites, but recommendations of locals can be just as good, if not better. They know the places you don’t get to see online, and it could make your vacation even more meaningful. Noticed an eccentric place on your way to your hotel in Fish Creek? Go on and reserve a table. The experience will be worth it.

Stay Indoors

You’re spending money on accommodations and getting around, so you’d want to make the most of each day. But that doesn’t mean going back to your hotel exhausted after a day of strenuous activities. It’s perfectly okay to take one day to just binge on hotel TV and order room service. This is a vacation and you can choose to spend it however you want. Disconnect from the world and stay in comfortable clothes. You’ll appreciate the outside world once you’re ready to emerge from your vacation cocoon.

Explore at Night

Daytime exploration at a popular tourist spot may be too stressful, especially during peak season. An alternative is to take a leisurely walk at night to take in the scenery with fewer people out and about. Of course, you would not want to waste your whole vacation avoiding people, but one night of this can make the whole trip feel rejuvenating. Search online for any nighttime activities you can do. Perhaps there’s a night market or a concert happening after dark.

There’s plenty to do in Fish Creek. Even if you don’t want to fill your vacation with strenuous activities, you can still unwind and come back to your life feeling more relaxed.

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