Plumber fixing the sink

3 Things Every Plumber Wishes Homeowners Knew

No matter how harsh this may sound, you cause most of the plumbing problems in your home. You probably make mistakes unknowingly or you just followed some misguiding information on how you can “successfully” DIY your plumbing emergencies.

If you were to ask licensed plumbers in Utah, they would tell you that you can avoid future basement flooding, clogs, and plumbing breakdown by sticking to some basic rules. Whipple Service Champions cites some of them.

Avoid Drain-Clearing Chemicals

You will find various chemical products on the market that promise effective drain clearing. But how well do they do that? Well, they will seem to clear your drain, but the problem will recur after a couple of days. Other than being harsh to your skin, these chemicals can damage the drain pipes in time. For clogged drains, always contact a plumber to determine the extent of the problem and use the right techniques to clear the drain completely.

Your Toilet is Not a Garbage Can

Some of the products with “flushable” label on them are not really flushable. These include, but are not limited to, toilet scrubbers, feminine hygiene items, body wipes, cat litter and makeup remover. These hardly disintegrate entirely, so they end up blocking the toilet’s drain pipe.

Avoid Drop-In Toilet Tank Fresheners

The chemicals that make up these products can wear out the parts inside your tank. The disintegrating pieces can also stick on flush valves; therefore, preventing normal toilet flushing.

Most of the problems discussed here are a result of mishandling by the property owners. By following these rules, you will know how to separate the emergencies that you can DIY from those that only a licensed plumber should handle. You will also save a lot, in plumbing costs, as you will know which procedures will strain your plumbing system.

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