man in full snow gear, holding snow poles, with snow capped mountains in background

3 Qualities to Look for in Your Next Ski Jacket

The last thing you want when you’re out in the field skiing is to be dressed inappropriately. When shopping for ski clothing, such as Obermeyer women’s jackets for sale, Pedigree Ski Shop says you should look not at just the material, size, and style, but also at the following features.


The seams in your jacket can be either fully taped, welded, or critically taped. The fully taped type is a stitched seam but with a tape reinforcement to prevent the entry of moisture. The critical taping, meanwhile, means that not all the seams have the taping, so there will be chances of getting moisture into your jacket. The welded seams come as the perfect choice for complete blocking of moisture, but these jackets are a bit pricey.


While the temperatures at the ski grounds are low, you’ll begin warming up the moment you start skiing. However, skiing could get a little uncomfortable when you’re feeling very hot and are sweating. Therefore, you should use a jacket with vents to control your temperature. Typically, the vents are below the arms, and you can unzip them when it’s too hot, and zip them when temperatures dip.

Hood Size

The hood should be large enough to fit your head when wearing a helmet. Also, the hood should be tight enough to prevent the winds from blowing it away when they come in strong. A hood with a zipper at the top is an excellent find for a ski jacket.

There are numerous other critical details that you should consider when choosing your ski jacket than only checking for the type of material and style. That, however, will ultimately depend on your budget, skiing style, level of safety, and frequency of skiing.

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